Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Bee Gees.. Magic or what?!

While listening to some random music channel, whilst trying to look up talks on the internet for my talk in church on Sunday (ok - so I was on Facebook and looking at the cupcakes on Martha Stewarts site) the Brothers Gibb (capitals used because I think they've earned it) appeared and were singing alongside the all too skinny Celine Dion.

These blokes are magic, to put it bluntly. And dare I say..attractive?! Well, all except the one with the skinniest face and the biggest teeth. OK - so I reckon I actually fancy the lead singer. And when I think of their video for Stayin' Alive and those trousers.. hehehehe

And yes, I do appreciate their musical abilities. As long as it's accompanied with one their videos..


Anonymous said...

excellent trousers, ya ham

Carol said...


It's the chest (and possibly the back) hair that attracts you.