Friday, 22 August 2008

Hooray.... boke.

Big shout outs for my daughter Hannah, who has mastered the very difficult art of going to the toilet. Going where she's supposed to - in the toilet... the latrine... the W.C... the pot etc etc.

It's been a looong few weeks. And to be honest, I'm tired out from it all! My biceps are bulging, because as soon as she says "sore bot, sore bot", it means she's ready to go. And I turn in to a weightlifter/sprinter as I lift her and run upstairs to the loo.

For those of you that have gone through the ordeal of toilet training, you'll know that you have a to make a big deal when 'a gift is offered'. Whoops and squeals of delight, shouting hooray and chanting their name, saying hello to said gift, before he sails away, are just some of the things you need to do in the beginning.

So - at what point can these cheers stop, and the child can go to the bog without looking for a huge congratulatory applause for their good deeds?

Apparently Hannah's not ready. She insists on me cheering for her. Today, she even had to lead the chanting of her name. She grabbed my face and pointed it down the loo, so I could say goodbye to her baby slugs before they sloped off to "find their mummy's".

So here's hoping that soon enough, Hannah will no longer feel the need to be cheered on by a third party, that the skill of doing the necessary in the required receptacle will bring it's own personal exhilaration. Cos quite frankly, my stomach can't take it anymore.

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Carol said...

If it makes you feel better honey Eli was 2 in May and I don't plan on potty training until at least Christmas (at this rate 2009) I hate it. But then if I had two in nappies I'd prob feel more urgent about it.

But most likely not.