Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hormone check please.

I was watching 'Who Do You Think You Are' the other night. This is a programme about 'celebrities' tracing their family trees. I love the series. It's like a guilty secret. Well - it's not actually cool to like genealogy, is it?
Anyway - this last episode was featuring Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London. It was great. (By the way - the link for this will only last a few more days... so if you're going to watch it, then do it now. Well... read my rambling first...)

And when the episode was finished, I realised that I had another bloke to add to my list. My gaggle of gents that make me weak at the knees. A flock of fellows that make me giddy. A cluster of chaps that set my heart all a flutter. Indeed, a list of guys that I can only dream about.

My list is not exhaustive, but it's very hard to get on to my list - I don't fancy just anyone. Well, Robbie proves that last statement incorrect, but you know what I mean.

And I can't even explain what it is that makes me fancy these people that are on my list. So I'll leave it up to the people who read this, to try and figure out the formula for me. What is it about these men that I find utterly attractive? Why do I fancy them so much?! And why isn't Robbie anywhere near this list? Haha... I'm laughing, cos he really isn't anywhere near this list!

And so here they are ... in chronological order (first being the one I've fancied the longest..)

Laurence Llewlyn Bowen. TV Personality.. Interior designer. Capturer of my heart. My first flutterings for him came when I saw him rag roll a wall in Hull. Something about his dandy shirts and flowing locks got me all giddy... way back in 2000.

Rick Stein. Celebrity Chef, lover of Jack Russells and object of my affections. I had a serious thing for Rick when I was pregnant with Hannah. I don't know if I had pregnancy cravings for the fish I saw him cooking, or pregnancy cravings for him. Whatever - I fancy him and enjoy nothing more than to see him rustle up a bouillabaisse aboard a barge in the South of France.

Boris Johnson London Mayor, Tory MP and luscious locked lovely. And my affections for him grew after watching said programme.

So... I leave it to you, reader. What is it about these hunks of masculinity that I find so damned attractive? Help me define it, so that I can guide Robbie on how to adopt it.

Lovely, lovely, lovliness.


Carol said...

Oh so you only fancy just anyone when you're pregnant then?

Seriously lovely I felt embarrassed for harbouring my crush on Gordon Ramsey.

The shame has now lifted.

Jill said...

I was going to say it must be the hair until I really looked at number 2 on your list. Pregnancy is really strange. I once had a dream about one of the Wiggles whilst pregnant with Landon. Talk about hormones....