Sunday, 17 August 2008

People should know when they're rubbish.

It's that time of year, when Simon Cowell graces our screens again. Having said that, he seems to be on all the time, what with American Idol being shown on ITV2.

X Factor is back. Again. I don't ever watch this guff until there's only about 5 contestants left, and that's because by that time, they've papped the really crappy folk, leaving just the semi-decent singers. And I say semi-decent, cos Britain just doesn't seem to provide a plethora of talented singers. Leona Lewis is probably the only exception. And to realise how rubbish we are, you only have to watch even the beginning stages of American Idol and see how much better looking and sounding they are compared to our shockingly poor offerings to the world of 'music'.

Anyway. Robbie won the battle for the remote control last night. (Oooo... the dizzy social life of the Campbells. Saturday night in front of the box) And cos I couldn't be bothered moving my heaving ass, I was subjected to the early heats for the X Factor.

My stomach was in a knot. I cannot bear to look/listen to the GHOULS that walk on in, and belt out a shocking rendition of a (usually shockingly bad) song... I will always love you etc. I cannot bear how blunt and brutal these judges can be. There's no beating about the bush. Here come these hopefuls, with dreams of a better life for themselves, pictures in Heat magazine, dating a 2nd division footballer/Nuts glamour model, Christmas number ones; and with one scathing comment, they leave with their dreams in tatters.

Though I don't think the judges should be blamed for ruining these people's lives. These individuals should be held responsible. How did they get to the point where they thought they were any good? Was there no loved one, or friend that could take them to one side, and say "Listen, mate - you're cack. Don't embarrass yourself. Really - you ARE that rubbish. I'll tape you, and you can listen to yourself. You are truly awful and untalented." (I figure I could make it as a confidence coach).

How have they managed to get to the point where they think they're good enough to appear on national television?!

And this clip illustrates my point beautifully. And you MUST click on this link... and yes, you WILL need to turn the sound up.

Link for truly awful X Factor audition.

Actually, maybe these people are just misguided. Their career counsellor should've guided them in to a career in comedy. I have not laughed like i did when I saw these two boys, in a long time. It's just a shame for them, that I'm laughing at them, as opposed to listening to them, foot tapping.

Though maybe I've missed the point of X Factor. Maybe it's not so much about the destination.. it's about the journey; that is, it's not about finding a singing talent, it's about listening and mocking and booing the hopefuls that just haven't realised beforehand that they're well and truly rubbish.


Heidi said...

Yeah, I'm totally okay with telling people their crap.

Well, most of the time. Should've told Sister Lee, actually.

Carol said...

You know what I can't watch X Factor anymore. A girl from our ward went to audition two years running. You know those auditions we see? They aren't the auditions. Those are the stories that get chosen for TV. Either because they're so crappy or because they're talented. They all get vetted weeks before they even get to be in the presnce of his holiness Mr Cowell.

Melissa Bastow said...

My favorite part of that clip was when the one guy goes, "Yeah man" like it's ACTUALLY contributing to the song.