Thursday, 21 August 2008

The road kill on my head

Eilidh started school the other day. Soooo proud. But, since this blog is all about my rantings, and general dim view on the world, I'm going to talk about me, and not my first born's first day at school. Because, after all.. it's all about me. Always. All the time. Me, me, me.

So - the school is only a 5 minute walk from our house. And the weather has been atrocious. Rain like you wouldn't believe. Unless you live in Scotland and have come to expect nothing else. In fact, if you expect every day to be completely miserable, and it's not, then you an only ever be pleasantly surprised.

So - the rain. More like the effects it has on my beehive. I have short bobbed hair, that requires the good ol' GHD's to tame and manage. Every morning. But as soon as I step outside in to the slightest bit of drizzle, I look like Jo Brand. In fact, I almost look like I'm 14 again, though back then, the fuzz was due to a dodgy home perm and was de rigeur.

But how do you manage an umbrella and a double buggy? I even had a hood up, and it still frizzed up. I wouldn't like anyone to think that I never make an effort with my bonce, because quite frankly, too much effort goes in to it... without the return.

Perhaps I have to come to terms with my curls. maybe i have to embrace them, instead of straightening them.

Hell no. I'm not going to embrace the Whitesnake look. Again.


Jill said...

I am so happy you have a blog. My daily dose of laughter will indeed come from reading your posts as it did this morning.

Whitesnake indeed. I am just waiting for the picture to go with it....

Carol said...

Jo Brand, really? Ha!

School started already? I have about a year and two weeks to go until I have the opportunity to unload one full time.

Double buggy? Yuck. I hated mine. All 3 models we tried. Get yourself a buggy board my dear.