Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What? I'm old?!

I'm 32. I don't feel like I'm old, but certain things remind me of my advancing years. I was just talking to a friend about being old and looking it... and I'm both those things. I look in the mirror and can see the lines and wrinkles that all those adverts are banging on about. I had to dye my hair to cover all the grey ones that were coming in. And in evening, all I want to do is sit with my feet up.

I know I'm not over the hill... yet. I know I'm not a total old codger, but I know i'm fast approaching it. I do old people things.. like when I'm at a checkout, and the bill is say, £12.32, I'll ask if the girl (cos they usually are girls... and that makes me feel old in and of itself) if she wants the 32p "tae help wi' yer change". And I make small talk with people in waiting rooms. The weather is always a good topic of conversation and if it's a rainy day I'll complain to these strangers that I'm annoyed that I couldn't get my washing hung up outside. And I always insist on having the radio turned down when we're in the car... I don't like the loud noise. And I get excited by cooking appliances. My dad gave me a slow cooker for my birthday this year and i was over the moon.

And I think about when I was young. And sentences like that one make me sound old too.. But I think about when I was a teenager, and how that doesn't seem like long ago! I think about my bobbed hair and home-perm. And my jewellery courtesy of Razzle Dazzle. And all the church dances I used to go to, with my hair frizzing and my jewels jangling as I tried in vain to do the runing man. And doing percentages with my name and a boy's name to see how much we would be in love (FYI - Robbie loves me infinitley...;))

In those days, I wasn't concerned about aging skin, or grey hair and if I'd had £12.32 i would've been quite happy. Halfords I think just about paid me that a week. Basses. Ok - maybe a bit more. But not much.

But maybe when I'm 50, I'll look back to this time and think fondly of it and think how young i was and how few grey hairs I had and how those wrinkles were just laughter lines, and those conversations with strangers, just me being pleasant...

Whatever! I'm not 50 yet - so all my previous feeling still stand. I'm an old hag :)

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Carol said...

Oh love. I am right there with you.

Actually you made me feel much better all of my pals round here my age have blond hair so no grey hair and I was thinking I was prematurely ageing.

Thanks for making my day!

(I think the living with Todorachko definitely contributed to the ageing on both our parts as did Bedford and Molly!)