Sunday, 7 September 2008

Excuse me while I hack up a lung..

The girls and I went to cheer on my sister, Gemma and my Mum as they ran in couple of races today. (The above pic shows my sister Rachael, Mum, brother in law Garry, sister Gemma, sister Rebecca and brother in law Lee.) My Mum was running 10k and Gemma was running 22k. My contribution to the cause, was to stand at the finish line and wave a couple of flags and cheer. OK - and scoff at those runners that looked like they were literally on their last legs. Yes, I do enjoy a spot of cheering and jeering.

They did really well, and did both of their runs in record time. Very proud - cos there's no way I'd be able to do it!

And the reason I know this?

Because I had to walk from the car to Glasgow Green, while pushing a double buggy and dragging a 5 year old. And when I say I was walking, I was speed walking.

And yes, I AM going to make this about me. Yes - my mum and sister did extremely well - I can't deny that. But where was my space blanket? Where was my medal? Where were my cheers? Why couldn't I get access to the Holistic tent for a massage to ease my aching muscles? Because quite frankly, I felt like I had completed a marathon myself.

Clearly I need to get fit. But in the meantime, I shall moan about how far I've walked and how heavy that blinkin' buggy is.

I'm walking Eilidh to school tomorrow. I'm starting an online sponsorship. You can donate to my donut fund at


Carol said...

Your mum is amazing!

I couldn't run that far let alone my mum.

I have actually been known to drive to the corner shop. That is the extent of my laziness.

Heidi said...

Yes, but your girls do have their hair done very nicely. And I really think that burns a lot of calories. In our house, I count it as wrestling, just without that SEXY singlet.

Jill said...

Yet another reason we should live on the same continent.

I did start running about two months ago. I could not run the length of my body at first-but now, proudly am up to 2 miles of hell.

Some days are better than others. And some days I don't go at all...especially now that my babysitters go to school at such an unearthly hour. I'd have to get up at 5:30 to continue my "training".

So, when I run my first 10 K next year, will you come and bring your adorable cheerleaders with you? You could scoff at me as I cross the finish line on literally my last leg.

Lianners said...

Here's me trying to sponsor you some of my hard earned cash, only to find your website does not exist - however, i have some good news - for only £8.89 you can own that domain for a year!

I don't know how you do it - i only have Joseph and i'm still a lazy ass, i can't even find time to do my hair and face, never mind go running or cheering or anything (and that really is just because i'm lazy!)