Thursday, 11 September 2008

Have I missed the latest trend?

I don't pretend to be the first and last word in the latest fashion. Even though I look blinkin' magic in whatever I wear... But there seems to be some new craze that is hitting the streets. And I do mean the streets.

For some reason, it has become OK to walk about the streets in your pyjamas. Folk go up to Asda and do their shopping in their pyjamas. Hell - some even walk home with the bleeding shopping their pyjamas. Some mums drop their kids off at school in their pyjamas. In fact, there's one woman who drops her child off at school with a mug of coffee in her hands. Some go to the petrol station and fill up... in their pyjamas.

And these incidents happen at different times of the day. All women. All fleecy pyjama bottoms. And most of them are dolled up with their hair and makeup done. So - if they had time to sort their faces out, why couldn't they sling on a pair of jeans?!
I think it's become some sort of trend - some sort of fashion statement. But what exactly is that statement?! "I'm a lazy sod and just can't be bothered" or "I want to conform and pretend to be a lazy sod even though I'm not" or "Primark have a sale on their fleecy pyjama bottoms and I simply want the world to know".
So - own up. Who does this?! Is this a purely British thing? (I know it's not just a Scottish thing cos when we were on holiday, the streets of Newquay were filled with hen parties lolling around in their pj's.)
Well, I for one, will not conform. Not least cos this style, to me is the very essence of utter laziness, but because... I have no cute fleecy pj's... :(


Carol said...

Ok if I am gonna wear my PJ's in public I am for sure not doing my hair or showering that day.

I haven't seen this (maybe I need to get out more, or it's because I am surrounded mostly by Muslims)and I can only assume it is just the Scots who push the trolley all the way home from the supermarket. Then of course leave it in a ditch.

Crazy world though for sure.

Maike said...

You Scottish and British have obviously taken to the very beloved custom of American College students wearing pjs to classes. Actually, I don't know when or how it started but when I got to BYU in 2001 I saw TONS of students (boys and girls but mostly girls) in pj bottoms out and about. And for footwear flip-flops, rain or snow. Never saw anything like it before.
Now of course that's all I wear, pj bottoms and flip-flops. What can I say, when in Rome do as the Romans?

Anonymous said...

I remember my stunned disbelief the first time I saw this. Fortunately it seems to be dying out in the US as a fashion statement. I personally don't think I could do it.

Carol said...

I can top you now. Last night I went to pick up takeaway and an older man pulled up and got out of his car in his dressing gown of the towelling variety with just boxers underneath.

I blushed!

Melissa Bastow said...

I prefer stretchy jeans -with holes because I wear them too much- atleast until I lose the baby weight (which is never going to happen) but I think I might get myself some cute PJ's and start the trend here. :)