Thursday, 4 September 2008

I'll order three sets of dentures please..

We all went on a lovely family outing yesterday. To the dentist. Cos that's what we do. The park? No. The zoo? No. If the kids have been good - the doctor's.

It turned out to be an eye-opening (as well as a mouth opening) experience. While i was in the chair, I was asking about my baby tooth that's still intact. Yes - my freakishness knows no bounds. Apparently I didn't have an adult tooth behind this baby tooth and so my ickle bitty molar is still there. It's weathered many a meal, many a sweet, many a brush. Mr Dentistman said that I ought to look out for it occurring in the girls, because it can be a genetic thing.

"Yes - have a look out for it occurring in your daughters, because it can run in families." He says behind that mask.. which incidentally, if I were a dentist, I'd have to rub VapoRub on the inside, so that I wouldn't have to smell anybody's manky breath.

"But" he goes on, "teeth are more likely to run from the father's side".

Now. If there's one thing that's certain in this world, it's that Robbie's teeth are plentiful and sizable. I've seen pictures of him when he was young, and the boy could chew an apple through a letterbox. Once I saw pictures of him, I had to seriously consider marriage... because there was a chance that he could pass on those tombstones to any future children that I may bear. But now I've been told that the 'chance' is almost a definite.

OK. So - I've come to terms with the fact that my kids are probably going to have teeth like a piano keyboard. They'll probably have to wear headgear for the best part of their teens. Stonemasons will try and carve epitaphs on them if they stand still for long enough.

It kind of puts my baby tooth foible in to perspective. I mean - what would you rather inflict on your kids? A little baby tooth, or a set of gnashers that are so plentiful that they'd have to get most of them removed, just so they'd fit in their wee heads?

Once again, it proves that only the good genes come from me, and all weird quirky traits will come from the boy.

My poor babies...

By the way - these are just Billy Bob teeth, and were taken ages ago. Little did I know these pictures would serve as a type of crystal ball, by revealing the future for my princesses! :(


Jill said...

Ah, bless the tombstone. Long live the piano keys. Your princess are beautiful-even with the billy bobs.

I get to thank Scott for GIANT heads. All of my children's craniums are off the growth chart.

You just pray they don't LOOK like an "orange on a toothpick"...or sputnik.

Heidi said...

Yes, teeth like that run in our family too. We call them Chiclet Teeth after the little square gum you can get from Mexico. One brother used to cap his teeth with corn for a real laugh. Oh, to be at our family dinners. Serious hilarity.

Carol said...

Seriously you just say the kindest thnigs about Robbie, he must feel really special.

Ah, who cares it is so entertaining.

Carry on my girl!

Simply Shannon said...

All freakish traits are always inherited from the Father! We Mom's are of course perfect in every way.
Those pics are too funny!

Love the new look btw.