Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My fan base..

We have a fan in our bedroom that we bought not long after we were married. We bought it because it was sooooooooooo hot (for about a week - but it really was insufferable) one summer that we decided to 'hot' foot it to Costco (you know you love the Kirkland Signature). I was so hot and bothered, that I had my eye on a huge industrial sized fan that would've blown your eyelids off your face. But, reason prevailed, and we got a very lovely chrome effect oscillating fan, that could be changed from a desk fan to a floor standing one. Very nice.

At first, it took a bit of getting used to - the whirring noise was quite a distraction. But we put up with it, in the name of coolness. (Temperature wise...)

And then we moved it in to the bedroom because I don't know about you - even when I'm hot at night, I still need the duvet over me, with my ear tucked underneath it. Like a security thing or something. (I also have my bedtime rituals, like cracking my toes off of Robbie's feet... nice... and I have to first of all lie on my left side, then commit to sleep by lying on my right side. Always.) So with the fan in there, I could be swamped by my duvet, and still be cool.

And again, it took some getting used to - the whirring of the fan really got on my goat, but I did enjoy not being sweaty and bogging.

Fast forward to today, eight years on. Every single night when I go to bed, that fan is turned on. Even when it is absolutely freezing. That fan gets turned on. Even when we brought all of our babies home from the hospital, and they had to sleep in our room for the first 6 months of their lives. That was fan was turned on. (To be fair, in case there's a random health visitor reading this... their crib was in a part of the room that couldn't be reached by the fan's ever-blowing gale.)

The whirring of that fan indicates that it's bed time, and it's gentle breeze lulls you off to noddy land tout de suite. It also drowns out any noise outside, which is great if you have sociable neighbours who like to enjoy the odd party and then sing sectarian songs to those of other 'faiths' in the street.

When we went on holiday this year, we left the fan at home. BIG mistake. We were lost. We were without our sixth member of the family. We struggled to get to sleep. We struggled to drown out the racket of the nocturnal karaoke machine. We missed that fan.

So - I'm off to bed. Because all this talk of Fanny the FanFan is making me realise that I'm missing out on valuable sleeping time.


Jill said...

My brother and his wife have the same issue-only it's FOR their daughter, Ari. Let me just say it is a little annoying.

Although I'm sure your situation is much less annoying. True you can never enter the room even though the whir can be heard outside of the door....and you know she's freezing cold and that's the reason why she has had a perpetual runny nose since birth. Though I'd never tell 'her' that. (hope she doesn't see this comment....)

Here is my sleepy time story of the husband who used to snore me to sleep. Tonsils removed, snoring no more, me no sleepy for 6 months.

Speaking of sleepy....:)
I'm off to lala land-without my fan...or snore for that matter.

Carol said...

I totally have to have a cover swamping me regardless of temperature. I have to be snuggly to sleep.

I love that you have to have white noise now to get to sleep. You my dear have morphed into one of those babies that refuses to sleep without the whir of the washing machine or hoover.

Bless your electric bill. Did you hear they're going up AGAIN?

Julie said...

I'm a fan sleeper too. Mine is a ceiling fan, but I'm a believer! And I'm jealous you have a Costco. There isn't a Costco for 100 miles where I live...and I live in the states need I remind you!!