Saturday, 13 September 2008

Toupee Shakur

No - this isn't Rowan Atkinson... this is me - and my new hair cut. Except in this picture, his fringe is ever so slightly longer than mine.
I would post a picture, but my camera doesn't seem to pick up tiny rat toupees sat upon a beach ball head.


Jill said...

So I take it you are disappointed in your new do?! Oh dear...disastrous.

Alhtough somehow I must see a photo to believe it's as bad as you let on....
E-mail me!

:) And I'm sure even if it is a bit toupe-esque, you look gorgeous.

Carol said...

Oh no, well at least you have a lovely face and not a weird one like old Rowan.

That would have been a far worse disaster!