Monday, 22 September 2008

University (mentally) challenge(d)

I'm sitting here being subjected to (because it's certainly not MY choice) one of the worst shows ever. University Challenge. A game show of two teams from different universities, being asked general knowledge questions. Sounds inoffensive enough. But not to me. Two teams of socially awkward freaks that think it's cool to have a team mascot in the form of a child's teddy bear. Like the teddy bear is going to bring these social ne'er do wells some kind of luck. Clearly not. No luck in answering some of the simplest questions correctly. No luck in looking in the slightest bit attractive, or even presentable. No luck in looking hygienic. No luck in thinking that their appearance on University Challenge is going to make them somehow irresistible to the opposite sex (or same for that matter). No luck in winning the show only to realise you get hee haw in the form of prizes. And no luck in thinking that meeting the host Jeremy Paxman, is going to be an interesting anecdote at your next student party.

Aaahhhhh..... Now I feel better. I think I just needed to vent my disdain for these ghoulish game shows. But really - who (apart from Rob) is the target audience for this show? They should be judged for watching it, And judged harshly.


Carol said...

Rob watches it? What is he like 60? Nobody watches that show.

Especially not me because on last accidental viewing I felt like a total thicko for not being able to answer any questions.

Leslie said...

hey sister gardiner...

wow. blast from the past, eh?
i often think about the sisters from my mission that i haven't kept in touch with.
i am so glad you found me. it was so great to hear from you. as you read on my blog, my husband aaron passed away in november. it has been really difficult. it is the most challenging trial i have ever been through or hope to ever have to go through. i miss him so much. the loneliness here without him is overwhelming... but thank the heavens above for the knowledge of the gospel. the hopelessness i would feel without it... i cannot comprehend it.
thank you for leaving me a message. it was so great to hear from you. i remember you well. i remember laughing with you whenever you were around because i thought you were so humerous. and you still are from what i can see on your blog.
thank you again. please keep in touch.
leslie *
(sister higginson)