Friday, 3 October 2008

Golly I'm Jolly with my Trolley Dolly.

Don't be jealous. I mean, not any more than you already are. I know my good looks, fantastic personality and heaving bank account mean I'm probably already at the top of your aspirational/hate list, but I've made my peace with that. It comes with the territory of being so fabulous.

But you've got a new reason to be really jealous. For I have a new bag, you see. And it's not any old guff out of Primark (... though I do heart their bags). It's a Trolley Dolly. And my mummy bought it for me :).

Go on... hate me. But I know when I'm at the checkout, I look the business. Seriously.


Julie said...

I am glad you posted a pic because I had no idea what a Trolley Dolly was. Of course I need not tell you how outrageously jealous I am of all of your fabulous attributes! ;)

Maike said...

I too am overcome with jealousy. I might have to smuggle one of those into the US.

Carol said...

I had no clue either but she is lovely. Congratulations!!

I am keeping my envy in check, just.

Shauna said...

Love your new bag :) You are awesome! Congratulations!

Melissa Bastow said...

Wow, you are good looking, your personality is fantastic, you have a heaving bank account, and now you own this wonderful bag - - if you get anymore fabulous someone is going to hire a hitman or something. The world just can't handle that kind of perfection in a single person.