Monday, 6 October 2008

To love and to cherish...

How rude. Robbie looked in to my eyes(non mascara-ed eyes.. he went to work with my make up bag in the car. Feel my pain as the realisation of a day without any features swept over me) and as I braced myself for a loving comment, he said

"what's with your hair today? It's kind of..."

me (quickly trying to intercept with excuses before he has to go on, trying to find words to explain my inexplicable barnet): "I washed it last night, and went to bed while it was still wet... I've tried to straighten it...

Rob: "yeah.. it's ...kind of.."

Me:"what? what? It's kind of what?" Thinking to myself, that if Robbie's noticed there's something amiss with my do, then it really must be bad.

Rob: "well, you kinda look like a psycho hose beast."

Well, there's really no comeback from that one.

So at the precise moment that I'm typing this post, my scalp is ringing with the sting of hair dye, and I shall be up to the wee small hours trying to sculpt a style in to this Medusa-inspired hairdo.

Wish me luck.


Thing 1 said...

Sadness!!! Anyhoo, (drumroll............) YOU'VE WON AN AWARD!!!! come get it from my blog :)

Shauna said...

Good Luck :) I am sure it will be beautiful, you'll have to post pictures!

Melissa Bastow said...

I don't know if "psycho hose beast" is a common insult over there, but I have never heard it before in my life - - so, of course, when I read it I burst out into loud and prolonged laughter. My husband's insults are never even as close to funny as "hose beast." (He doesn't even use "psycho" much.) I'm totally using this the next time I'm insulting someone - does it have to be about their hair?

And by the way, good luck with the taming. I have given up all together and go with ponytails....every day....even to church sometimes.

Carol said...

That Robbie is a real charmer.

Maike said...

Good luck with your hair.
Remember when you just wanted a trim, while you were growing out your hair, and the hairdresser charged, what was it...10 pounds? And then he insulted you/us by asking if you had never wanted to be cool (after hearing about us being religious and on a mission).
By the way, when Spencer saw pics of the mission he said: "What was wrong with your hair?"
It's called constant wind and humidity inflicted on Maike hair that's too long.