Thursday, 23 October 2008

Yes, more about me.

Well my life is pretty boring right now. Well, to be fair, it usually is, but I just can't muster the energy to make it sound interesting or funny. So, I was glad when my blogging buddy Shannon tagged everybody who wanted to be tagged. Cos now I don't have to tell you about my 'run' in the wind and rain. And believe you me... you don't want to know.

So - 7 random and /or weird facts.

1. I have no big toenails. I told you I'd tell you about it at some point. I used to get ingrown toenails all the time, and would go to get them cut out, and then they'd just end up growing back in the wrong way, and I'd be back at square one. Eh... by the way- this is not a cute story. In fact, it's pretty sick Just a heads up. But you know you want to know about it.
Anyhoo. I eventually decided to go for the op where they rip off your whole nail, and shove acid down your cuticle to make sure they never grow back again. I went, the anaesthetic didn't work properly and I could feel almost everything. And then, as some kind of 'prize' for sitting through the pain, they gave me my toenails in a specimen cup - some kind of macabre trophy. I kept them for a couple of days, just to gross out Robbie, then I had to say goodbye to them cos he threatened to leave me if I didn't hahaha.

2. I was an EFY counsellor during the summer of 1999. I got to go to Indiana, Alaska, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. It was great being able to see so much of the States, cos I'd never been before and I haven't been since:( But sometimes the kids couldn't understand my accent, and kept getting me to say lines from So I Married an Axe Murderer. So at the start of one session, I just out on this terrible American accent. Terrible in that I'm quite sure I didn't sound American... more like Russian. They all took it in, and nobody suspected a thing! Maybe i was good after all! But then I forgot to speak in my phony accent and just started talking properly and everybody thought I was putting on some rubbish Scottish accent. One cheeky kid even said that his impersonation of a Scot was better than mine. In the end, I had to show them my passport to prove my nationality. Punks :)

3. I went through a crazy stage when I was 17 and got my ears pierced a few times. 9 holes in one ear and seven in the other. I don't know what kind of look I was going for - but I thought I was cool. Though when I wore hooped earrings and the wind blew, I couldn't hear a thing - the noise was so loud..

4. I won a prize in primary school for growing a hyacinth bulb. I even got my picture in the local paper, standing next to the mayor. Clearly there was nothing else going on in the neighbourhood that week, if the mayor and I made it to the front page. And the thing is, I always had such a guilty conscious about it, because I found some kind of plant food in the garage and put a couple of drops on my budding plant. I felt like if it had gone for some kind of drugs test, it would've failed and would've been stripped of it's winning title. But I wasn't about to give up my new found fame, so I just suppressed my feelings of guilt.

5. I absolutely LOVE Friends. The show. I was so sad when it finished. And I still watch the reruns. All the time. Though the only one I can't watch is the one where Ross cheats on Rachel with the girl from the copy place. I just don't like it. And I don't particularly like Emily in the series either. She gets on my goat. My favourite episodes are when Eddie comes to stay with Chandler, and the one where Monica goes to Barbados and her hair is a riot because of the humidity. For some reason, I could really relate. And I fancy Chandler. And has anyone noticed he's missing the top of his middle finger? Look out for that one, and if anyone knows why he's only got a half a middle finger, I'd really like to know!

6. My favourite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. I don't think I need to expand on that one. Though my back end has expanded because of it...

7. I love Michael Bolton. He is my Soul Provider. I've seen him twice in concert, and have sung my heart out to Steel Bars. Don't judge me. Join me. He is a legend. So was his hair.

So... there you have it. A couple of random thought s for you all. Feel like you know me a little better? Feel like never coming back to my blog now that you know about Michael Bolton?

And my 7 people to tag are Melissa, Jen, Carol, Jill, Liann, Julie and Heidi. Go on - you know you want to!


Jen said...

Love your quirks - and the whole EFY accent story cracks me up.

And thanks for the tag...but someone else got to me first! If you really want to know how weird I am, you can find it in my Sept. posts - Ten Jen Quirks.

Melissa Bastow said...

You have the WIERDEST taste in men. Micheal Bolton, Barry Gibb, BORIS JOHNSON?!!! (Yes, I have read through your archives. Which should totally be a stalking sort of way.)

Also, I had a lot of ear piercings when I was younger too. Not as many as you. And I didn't wear hoops. But I cried when the Prophet said just one pair. Yeah...that just sounds pathetic now...

I probably wouldn't be able to understand your accent either. I met some people from Scotland once and I tried REEEEEEALLY hard to listen to what they were saying, but I was SO CONFUSED. But then again, sometimes it sounds like americans are just spouting off gibberish, so it might just be my ears.

Thanks for tagging me - I'll have to think of something good (now that my bloggy makeover is finally done.)

LisAway said...

Funny that when I read this you totally have an American accent. Hmmm. That's so hilarious that if you were to read it to me I probably wouldn't understand, but when I read it to myself, and you have an American accent, I can understand every word.

I don't hate Michael Bolton as much as most people. He is the sound of high school.

Simply Shannon said...

Interesting stuff.
Not so sure about the whole Michael Bolton thing...but I'll let it slide!
Thanks for tagging yourself!

Simply Shannon said...

Interesting stuff.
Not so sure about the whole Michael Bolton thing...but I'll let it slide.
Thanks for tagging yourself!

Carol said...

Michael Bolton? Seriously.

When I did EFY I sent my girls home every week all talking like Mary Poppins. Was terrific.

I love Friends too we have them all. I adore the one where they don't know that we know they know about Monica and Chandler. Genius.