Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I found hidden treasure today.

...In the form of my original wedding ring. (Eh... one wedding, one man - but I have two rings..) I had 'misplaced' my wedding ring a couple of years ago.
And by misplaced, I mean stored away. And by stored away, I mean hidden from possible thieves. And by hidden away, I mean flung in to a cup at the back of the cups cupboard. Well - no thief worth his stripey top and black eye strip would ever look there, right!?

So, I had decided to clear out some cups from my cupboard. I ended up throwing out about 5 sippy cups with no lids, a couple a chipped glasses (that should you have drank from them, you would have ended up with a frayed face) and a few manky straws from McDonalds. I don't actually know why they were in there... Probably from one of those times where I thought they'd come in useful for something. Only come to realise that they were good for no other reason than to line my bin.

And there, at the back of the cupboard, in one of my mum's soup bowls (I can't even explain why that was in there... I'm pretty sure if I were to empty my cupboards of every dish belonging to my Mum, I would have nothing left.) was my wedding ring.

When Robbie and I got engaged, I didn't get an engagement ring. And Robbie, if you're reading this, I'm not complaining, I'm stating a fact. And you can't argue with that last statement, can you?

Anyway - I wasn't bothered about getting a dirty big 1 carat diamond, brilliant cut, raised by 4 prongs on a thin band of 18k gold, offset with a wedding band that would sport an inscription on the inside that would tell of our wedding date and bear our names. I hadn't even thought of the kind of ring I would like to have. ;) We were sensible and decided to use what money we (Robbie) had and put a deposit on our first home.

Though having said that, one time I thought Robbie had indeed gone and bought me a diamond. He had phoned me to tell me that he'd left a special gift for me on my bed. He was calling as he was going back to his flat in Edinburgh (I was living in Glasgow). He said that it was a special gift, that I had to go and see straight away. My mind was racing, thinking, surely if this is a ring, he should be there, and he should be on one knee, holding the ring aloft and watching my face light up as I took in the beauty of this one carat spectacle. I asked him to come back and give me the gift personally... I didn't want this moment not to be shared by both of us.

He came back. I had been waiting downstairs til he came back, so we could see the 'gift' (ring... right?) together. We went upstairs and there on my bed was a big box. Much too big to be a ring box. It was a VCR box. I thought it was a ploy - he's hidden the ring box in the big VCR box to stump me. He's such a kidder....

Well - he wasn't the kidder I had hoped. It was indeed a VCR. Robbie was really excited to tell me that he'd bought us an ex-rental VCR for our future home together. That's just what I'd wanted. There's nothing like a second hand piece of oversized out of date machinery that says "I love you".

In fact, there was another time when I thought he was going to give me a ring. (I don't know why I kept harbouring these notions - we had decided I wasn't going to get a sparkler, and I really was ok with that - I'm glad we used the money for our wee flat etc, but still... I'm girl after all!) Anyway... it was when I came back from the States where I was an EFY counsellor for the summer. We had talked to each other on the phone, and I kind of guessed that he was going to be there at the airport to greet me, and I reckoned that it would be there that he would kneel down in front of the whole airport and whip out a huge beast of a diamond and propose.

He did propose. He brought me a huge bouquet of flowers (that were slightly wilted cos he'd come to the airport a day early by mistake) and as we were crossing the car park of Glasgow Airport, he shouted (it was wet and windy) over to me

R:"did you read the card on your flowers?"

Me: "No... I think the wind blew it away"

R: "oh... em...."

Me:(thinking - there must be something important in that card...)" I'll go and find it! Hold on!"

R: "*muffle muffle*" (he was too far away now to hear him cos i was scurrying away looking for this blinkin' card.

I found the card. It was under the wheel of a car. I read it. It said "I love you with all of my heart. Will you marry me, please?"

Awww... I've got a wee tear in my eye just thinking about it.

Anyway... the point of the post. I found my wedding ring today. It matches Robbie's. We bought them together a few weeks before we got married. I'm glad I found it, cos I was starting to worry that I'd never see it again.

And FYI... I'm not bothered about not having a huge nugget of bling on my finger. I'm just thankful I had a VCR that allowed me to watch some good films...


Carol said...

Oh that's so lovely. I wish we'd bypassed the engagement ring and put the cash on a deposit of a home considering house price went up about 8000% right after we got married. But then my engagement ring was mostly funded by H Samuels vouchers my Nanny won at the bingo frequently. I'm guessing the Halifax wouldn't have taken them as a downpayment on a house.

But who knows?

Machen family said...

I read your limerick on Jen's Jingle and I came right over! I have lost my wedding ring twice.. and it tooks years for me to find it. So I don't wear the ring anymore, I want to say it's because I don't want to lose it but it's only because I'm fat.

in time out said...

awwwww. sweet. thanks for sharing.

beautiful ring.

happy thanksgiving.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

AWESOME! Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving :) ♥ Hugs!

Claire said...

I have do have to say... just in case there's any confusion... the picture on my blog is NOT my ring. Well... it's the one in my dreams.

Beeswax said...

Oh! I lost my ring 3 years ago and it hasn't yet turned up. Your story has given me hope. I'll just go check the cabinet with all the dishes I haven't used in 3 years....

Okay, I'm back. It wasn't there.

Bebe said...

funny. glad I found your blog.