Thursday, 8 January 2009

Well, it was bound to happen.

Not that long ago, it seemed that the blogging world was talking about this 'Twilight' series of books. I knew nothing about it. Then folk were queuing up in the middle of the night to get a first showing of the film. I still knew nothing about it. Then I asked my friend Jill (cos i knew she wouldn't mock the fact that I clearly had no clue as to what seemed like the whole world was talking about) about it. She just told me that it was a teenage romance book. To do with vampires.

Pfft. So what's the big deal with that? I can think of a whole load of other things that would excite me more than some plukey adolescent boy chewing on my neck. Well...only a few... I AM still a girl... ;)

Then I saw that this movie had made it over here, and there were huge posters for it everywhere. Then I really felt like a loser cos my 16 year old sister was talking about it, and i felt totally out of the game cos I had nothing to offer on the subject. And there's nothing like a 16 year old making you feel like you're a whole generation away from 'the edge'....'the pulse'...'what's hip'... or whatever the crazy kids are saying these days.

She gave me her book the other night and told me I had to read it before seeing the film. (Opinions on that one? Can't I just go see the film? Then I don't have to sue my imagination... that's hard work.) And she was quite emotional about giving her book away to me. I promised to look after it for her... weirdo.

I didn't start reading it til last night. And now I'm annoyed. Cos now i feel like I'm too late for the party! Now i can see what everyone was talking about... I've even just spent 20 minutes poring over pics on the internet of this one Edward Cullen. And you know I've changed my wallpaper on my laptop. Gone is the pic of my three gorgeous girls. Hello to one broody hunk of blood sucking, Mr Cullen.

Now don't anyone go spoiling anything for me. I've only got to the point where he starts speaking to her in class. But I plan to ignore the kids this afternoon so that I get me some Edward time.


Jill said...

I am so proud of you for giving in to the Twilight phenom.

Your sister is right.... you MUST read the book first.

Just put on a film for your girls...they'll be fine. Eilidh is old enough to babysit anyway. (At least that's what I tell myself about Parker.)

Read on, sister. Read on...

Melissa Bastow said...

Lucky for me, I was on bedrest when reading these books. Which means that I read them ALLLLL day, uninterrupted. Glorious times, those. Until I finished the first three books in three days and had to wait MONTHS to read the last. And that was just torture. Well, that, and I was on bedrest (which is always killer fun.)

Jen said...

You were bound to fall sooner or later. You might as well get the next three lined up now, because they're mandatory reading after #1.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I still have not read the books, have not seen the movie and still do not intend to do either! Talk about out of it!

Motherboard said...

Oh! Thing 1 will be thrilled that you have finally caved! She will want to talk all sorts of vampire stuff with you.

Thanks for blogging with her (she's my off spring) she absolutely adores your blog!

Beeswax said...

It seems you've fallen quite hard for Edward.

Your sister is right. Reading the book first is necessary.

Thing 1 said...

Sorry it took so long to get back to you! and HOW COULD U NOT LOVE JACOB?????? I mean SERIOUSLY. A muscley bod, super sweet, and a good kisser, what else could you want in life???? And yes. its totally allowed. I was watching an interview w/ the guy who plays jacob and he says that its really weird cuz he'll have grown woman like age 30+ with 'team jacob' shirts. He says they'll like start screaming when he walks by.
So you're good.

And the movie is like exactly the same as the book (Thank all things good!) the movie like even quotes the book at some points!!! So yeah. ANd it's all pretty much personal opinion on how the later books compare, so you'll just have to figure out for yourself! But i don't think any of the twilight books are as good as the other book she wrote (not in the twilight series)called the host

Melissa said...

Really? You're loving it? My daughter is 15 and keeps telling me I have to read it, but I just can't even imagine it!

Carol said...

Man it's like an epidemic, I will not fall prey to it. I will not succumb.