Saturday, 31 January 2009

You know you want to know even more about me...

I'm totally cheating for this post. I was tagged to do this in Facebook (something that I'm totally addicted to..) and I thought I'd also post it over here too. If anyone is feeling like me, as in you're just feeling a bit sort on inspiration, or can't be bothered putting together a real post, then feel free to tag yourself. In fact, consider yourselves ALL tagged. I'd like to learn more about you all!

1. I'm the only girl in my family to have a middle name... which dad used to say was the name of an ex-girlfriend. He was lying, so the name stayed.

2. I don't have any toe nails on my big toes.

3. I steal Robbie's climbing socks when my feet are cold.

4. I was Head Girl at my high school. Which actually means nothing...

5. I have naturally curly hair that I straighten every single day.

6. My first job was working on a Saturday in Halfords. It was rubbish.

7. I was going to be called Samantha instead of Claire.

8. I still have a baby tooth. Not in my pocket - in my face.

9. I have to read the news online so that I can pick and choose
what news I hear about because I find a lot of news too harrowing.

10. I love makeover shows. The make up ones. I love watching people getting their hair and make up done.

11. Robbie is the one person that can make me laugh the WHOLE day long. Even if I’m in a stinking mood.

12. I’m often in a stinking mood. But I believe it’s my divine right as a female to act like a lunatic and be generally crazy at least one week out of a month. And not be questioned on it, or have it suggested that I might be a psycho hose beast.

13. I’m convinced my driving instructor was a pervert.

14. I love red hair. My ideal man would have (hehe… cos I’m still convinced I’ll meet him;)) red hair, a hairy chest, freckly forearms and an irish accent. Perhaps someone like Robert Redford…. Yum

15. I’m no good at maths. I actually feel my mind shutting down when I hear a maths problem..

16. After I've running, my legs look like corned beef hash; all red and blotchy.

17. I don’t like running.

18. I HATE forwarded emails. The ones where you need to send on to 10 friends or else something bad will happen, and is full of crappy pictures of ‘smiling’ kittens etc..

19. I have a rubbish taste in music. As in, I couldn't tell you what was in the charts, or who sings what these days. Though I do have an impressive back catalogue of Simply Red and Michael Bolton albums. Some even on tape.

20. I have to sleep on the left side of the bed.

21. I’d love to have a touch of OCD, so that my house would be tidy all the time. That or a maid.

22. I first started plucking my eyebrows at the age of 12. Until that time, I couldn’t see.

23. If I’m in TKMaxx for longer than ten minutes, I need to go to the loo. Urgently. I don’t know why. There’s no scientific reason behind it. All I know is, if I go in there, I have to know where all the exits are.

24. I have really wide feet and have to get most of my shoes from the fat shop. Or wear guys’ shoes. My trainer’s are men’s shoes, cos the ladies’ ones are just too flippin’ narrow. The Prince would never have been able to jam the glass slipper on to my huge trotter.

25. I have social tourettes, in that I cannot bear silence in conversations, so I end up filling all the silences with inane chatter, and I can’t stop myself. I end up saying some of the weirdest stuff, and in my head, I’m telling myself to shut up, but I just can’t. Just so you all know. I’m not nuts. Well…

Go on.... tag yourself!


Carol said...

Simply Red? Please tell me you don't fancy Mick Hucknall.

Head girl eh? That means you were a good girl. I knew it!!

I so have social tourettes too. When I was on the RS presidency and felt compelled to speak to investigators to make them welcome and they weren't very chatty I constantly embarrassed myself. I shouldn't attempt missionary work I am a liability.

Maike said...

Thanks for sharing more of you with us. We do enjoy it thoroughly.
I need to work on my random things, but it's hard to think of my own random things when I've just read other people's. Plus my hubby is waiting for me. He said he'd be naked in think he's hinting at something?

Beeswax said...

I wonder if TKMaxx is like TJMAxx? Is a discount department store?

My feet are opposite of yours. So skinny I cannot find any shoes to fit me. And very long. At age 8 I was a women's 8, quad A width. Looked very funny.

Also have no arches, so it looks as though I am wearing skis.

I wear a lot of flip flops. Is good I live in the desert.

Melissa Bastow said...

The eyebrows one was great. Picture worthy, in fact.

Shauna said...

Great post! Sorry I haven't been over here in a few! Work has been way crazy! ♥ Hugs :)

Melissa said...

Oh, my goodness! It's like we were separated at birth. I hate math AND running, I love makeover shows, I have no nails on my pinky toes, AND my driving teacher was a pervert! Coincidence? I think not!

Shauna said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!

dave Cochrane said...

She wasn't that good a girl. Although, like mine at the time, her music taste did REEK...

And what about the toenails, I didn't know that!!!