Thursday, 5 March 2009

Cheesy or cute?

OK, so maybe it's a bit of a cultural thing, but here in the UK, we don't do high fives and huddles and teamwork chants etc. As a matter of fact, when I went to be a counsellor for EFY in the States, I had a really hard time doing all of these things, cos basically, we Brits just don't 'do' stuff like that. I remember trying to encourage a group of teenage kids to do some chant that had something to do with a ticking time bomb.. of love. I can't even remember it cos it went to against the grain that I've tried to block it from my memories. Something to do with being friends, sharing love, teamwork, tick tick boom.... I really can't remember how it went. Thank goodness.

Anyway. Suffice it to say that we Brits are less enthusiastic about sharing the love and more reserved about chanting about positivity and teamwork. Or so I had thought.

My girls have taken to high fiving each other, and me, whenever they do something well.

"Hey Hannah - you tidied away your toys! High Five!" (OK - so maybe this one IS high-five worthy... cos it doesn't happen very often...)

"Eilidh - you did your homework! High Five!" (yeah - but she HAS to do her homework... so why celebrate it?)

"Mummy - we ate our dinner! High Five!" (OK - but my cooking is amazing, so why shouldn't you have eaten it all? And why are you making me high five you both when you only ate all your dinner cos there were no visible vegetables on your plates?)

Anyway. I can almost make my peace with the high fives. But the group huddle thing they've started doing is what I find most unnerving. They put their little hands in front of them, on top of one other's hands and shout "teamwork". That's what it's called, right? A huddle? I don't even know the correct term for it. Anyway.... whatever it's called - they're doing it! In fact just before bed time tonight, the word 'teamwork' was being replaced by rude toilet words, so I wasn't as worried as I was before.

So - as is also the Brits' way - who do I look to, to blame (we LOVE to look to who's to blame. It's never our fault.) for all this jovial camaraderie and general joie de vivre? I have a feeling it's something to do with High School Musical, or Hannah Montana, or some other show like that. But I'm not entirely comfortable blaming shows that brought us Zac Efron... and Billy Ray Cyrus. High five, Billy Ray.... high five. Miaow.


That Girl in Brazil said...

Ha! I think our team cheer at EFY was something about a bomb of love. Fifteen years ago.



Carol said...

Oh how I cringed at EFY when we had to make up a group cheer and have a cheer off. How glad I was that there was an ocean between me and all my friends at home that would have been appalled that I supported such an idea no matter how feeble my support and participation was.

Good job we got paid for that job eh?

Jen said...

Oh, you make me laugh. And I might be American, but I CANNOT STAND this kind of stuff (unless I'm playing basketball, because then it's natural and not all schmoozy). I'm so sorry The Disney Channel has infected your world.

And I'm so sorry Billy Ray had that mullet. It makes me cringe.

Jill said...

so not cheesy.

and I am proud to say that I love American spirit and pride. You should've heard me screaming my head off at Parker's dance competition this past weekend.

No, we don't do group love bomb cheers-but we do high fives and all at our house.

Isn't teen-hood just a short lived time that you have permission to be embarassed about everything you did? I believe so.

High Five indeed.

Oh, and Presley's baby mullet is starting to rival Billy Rays. Time for a trim?

Cammie said...

So funny. I was just talking with my friend yesterday about how she has been calling things a "party" with her daughter--for dinner it's a taco party. . . the things we do to make life exciting for our kids. . . but let's get to the heart of the issue and talk about Billy Ray Billy Ray Cyrus' hair!!!! Ahhhhh!

Beeswax said...

I didn't go to EFY (the year my ward went, I decided to go to Hawaii instead), but I don't like any of that teamwork, feel good crapola. Course, I also hate most team sports (watching them, participating in them, talking about them. Except the olympics, which for some reason I find fascinating), which not only makes me un-American, I think it makes me INHUMAN.

High five on the awesome post though. HUGS!!!!!

Just kidding. (I mean, still an awesome post, but no high five or hugs.)

Beeswax said...

P.S. if you've got joie de vivre, I think you need to blame the Frenchies.

Melissa said...

I can handle the high-fives. It's when they put their hand in a fist and I'm supposed to tap it with my fisted hand that gets to me. I never know what I'm supposed to do, but judging from the laughter whenever I do what I do, I guess I'm doing it wrong!