Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More staying power than Cher, it would seem.

So I'm kind of annoyed at myself.

I'm really not a fickle kind of person. I usually say I'll do one thing, and I do it. I stick to my guns. Though on the point of the blog, I was sticking to my guns in spite of myself. I missed this stupid blog. I missed writing in it. Even though I write a load of cack, I still missed it. I missed the cack. But I'd made a decision, right? And the thing is, it's only been.. what... a month?! Sheesh. I need to take a long hard look at myself. Obviously my word means nothing. If I say I'm going to do something, it means I'll do it for a little while, that I'm not in it for the full stretch.

Well - now that I've cleared that up... my word means nothing, I have no staying power, I talk cack, and I am fickle.

So - what's been going on in the past month?

Really not a lot.... I've decided I'd quite like to do the half marathon in September. (See what I did there? I didn't say I was definitely going to do it, in case I change my mind... I've learned some harsh lessons today, don't forget.)

I've been spending way too much time on Facebook. At least I can admit it. It's the first step in overcoming this addiction - recognising the problem exists. But notice how i haven't committed to cut down my fb time? I'm merely recognising the problem exists. And don't tell me that I'm the only one with this addiction? Jill?

My hair has plunged new depths in helmet-ness. I look like Ulysses 31. Google him. I used to have a thing for him. Is that weird to fancy a cartoon? I also quite liked Lion-O. My hair 'style' has also lended itself to some Thundercat styling too this past month.

I've found that Asda sells onion bhaiji's. Good ones. This is worthy of a blog entry. They are magical. I could eat them all day long. I don't though... purely for social reasons... ahem.

Anyway. Already I've spent too long on this post. My facebook status needs updating.

So.. am I allowed back?


Beeswax said...

We refused to believe you were really gone, anyhow. I totally want to go to the chips place.

Jen said...

Well then, hooray for fickleness! And it's not like it's your fault we're all so exciting you couldn't stay away from us - who could blame you?

And I like your loads of cack. They crack me up.

Carol said...

Claire, Rob fancies Nala from the Lion King so you can feel content that at least the cartoon character you fancy is a human.

Onion Bhaji's huh? LOVE THEM. Sainsburies ones are pretty good too. Though I am finding onions harder to digest in my old age.

Jill said...

i don't know that you needed to call my fb addiction out there for the world to see.

thankfully my husband doesn't know how to find your blog to agree with you.

and all i can say that you are back is:

there is now balance again to the world.
Welcome back, my fickle friend. welcome back.

Summers Family said...

Come back, your cack makes me laugh. It is a wonderful was for a stay home mom to think out loud. And the half marathon thing is awesome I did some as I prepped for a marathon when I turned 30. Currently li am contemplated doing a sprint triathalon (meaning 1/2, not fast) over the 4th of July. I am likewise trying to commit, but can't seem to lay off the junkfood and get my butt out to train. Yeah, it's all good.