Thursday, 28 May 2009

Soul Glo

My little bubba, Esther has the funkiest (and most unruly) hairdo ever. It just grows bigger, instead of longer. I thought I'd just share a picture with y'all so you can see just how huge this wig is. And if anybody has any pointers (or hair bobbles, clamps, staples, glue) on how to get this 'fro under control, I'm all ears.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Seriously, people. Sort it out.

One of my pet peeves (of which there are many. I'm sure I've covered a few in this blog, but I'll cover another one right now) is spelling. Or spelling mistakes, to be exact. Let's not discuss 'text language' cuz tht's a whle utha sbject.

We took the girls out to a country park the other day. They love it there. It's pretty rubbish, to be honest. They've got a few animals. Farmyard animals. And a couple of fish, which I'm convinced aren't even real. But the place is free, and it's got a swing park so I don't mind going so much. And there's also a vending machine filled with chocolate bars, so another bonus i suppose.. even though every bar of chocolate it spits out in to my grubby mitts is about twice the price it should be. And then THAT kind of makes me mad, cos it highlights gaps in my preparedness. I always kick myself for not having enough forethought to bring plenty of treats and snacks for everybody - namely me. Though maybe even if my bag was bulging with goodies, I'd still be lured by the sight of a vending machine that promises chilled chocolate, whose wrappers are unspoiled form leaky juice cups and stray Quaver crisps...

So we go to the country park, and I quietly congratulate myself on getting the kids out of the house and exposing them to nature and fresh air and exercise. They always want to go straight to the swings, but i make them 'appreciate' the animals first.

They used to have a donkey called Fred. He has been replaced with another donkey, whose name escapes me. If you really need to know this finer detail of the story, email me and I'll have a think about it and send you a reply. They say he was replaced cos he wasn't well. I think it was because he had no social graces. He was always a 'happy' donkey. That's all I'm saying. If you're needing to know the finer details of what I mean by 'happy', drop me an email and I'll reply.

They have a couple of chickens. As in a couple - two. They do have a few piglets. Though my little city girls weren't too happy about the smell that was emitting from them and their pen. Cleanses the airways and unblocks the sinuses, I say. They also have a few sheep, that I'm convinced are of the devil. You can see it in their eyes.

Anyhoo. Back to the topic in hand. Spelling mistakes. I can overlook typing errors, but not obvious mistakes. And how come people can't use spell check!?

Here's what we saw on our trip to the country park.

The thing is... this was obviously typed out using some kind of word document. Why not use spell check? And the fact that it's made it from computer, to printer, to laminator, to fence post without anybody else seeing it and correcting it, is unbelievable. So unbelievable I had to take a picture of it.

I don't know why I get so ticked off with spelling mistakes, but I'm sure that if I were to dig deep enough, I'm sure it's because of a one Mrs Forsyth, my primary 4 teacher. She made me stand in front of the class, and spell out to her the different ways of spelling there, their and they're, and how to use them appropriately. I was mortified. Mainly because the little guy I had a crush on, laughed at me. Him and his wooden pencil case with the sliding ruler... I was totally crushed. But I made damned sure that I learned how to spell, just so I would never have to go through the experience of being ridiculed by a little punk with a crappy pencil case. (yeah - in retrospect, he was a punk.)

Anyway. I feel a lot better now that I've got that off of my heaving chest. I shall now spell check this entry, in case my point comes back to bite me in the ass...