Monday, 31 August 2009

What? So I'm not Nigella?!

So... The girls have been watching Tinkerbell, the movie. And they're now obsessed with finding out what their talents are (watch the movie. I'm not explaining it.) Eilidh says her talent's reading. Hannah's talent is fashion (in that she likes dressing up like princesses, i think..) And Esther's talent is eating. (These talents were given out by the girls, by the way - not me. Just in case you're wondering).

Anyway.. they also said Robbie's talent was to be loving. Aww... so nice. And true.

And that my talent was "cooking".

Now - I know they were struggling to think of a talent for me. Because even I was.

And I really knew that my talent wasn't cooking. It was confirmed to me, when I'd made fish cakes for the girls, and they didn't eat them. Unusual? No, not so much. So I turfed them out on the back lawn for the birds to eat. A dirty big seagull came down and gobbled a few of them up.

Then hacked them straight back up. And I swear it shivered in disgust.

Though, every cloud has a silver lining.

Cos a magpie came along and pecked away at the seagull's regurgitated offering.


Chris and Kristy said...

Fish cakes? Oooh! I think one of your many talents is finding nice, happy horses. Mine might be flagging down nice tow truck drivers! Love your sense of humor!

Cammie said...

Some of your talents according to me: humor and wit, great writing style, beauty (eyes, hair, making beautiful babies :), organization, and cheering me up when I think I'm a lame mom.

I was just thinking the other day that I'm glad I know you. Jason thinks you guys are a cool family too (and he's pretty mellow about a lot things so I thought I'd pass that on). You have our major compliments and we like you!