Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I bet Heidi Klum has the same problem...

"So - I was getting dressed this morning. In front of an unwanted audience. All the girls were playing on my bed. It's now at a stage where i try and dress like I'm in a public place - you know, trying to dress while stilll holding a towel. They judge me. Seriously.

Hannah - 'Mummy, why are your pom poms so big? Cos you have to feed all the children?'

Eilidh - 'Mumma (I don't know why the hell she calls me this, but she does. Hopefully it's a phase that she will grow out of), why are your pom poms so floppy? Is it cos you're so tired?

Well. I apparently have to provide succor to children all over the world, and the resulting droopiness of my boobs is proportionate to my exceeding tiredness. Another thing I've learned is that all children will need to be banished from my room while I am changing. Cos my self esteem can't take it anymore."