Monday, 28 December 2009

Pipes of Peace? Not in this hoose.

So - when I look on Facebook, and other blogs, I see cute pics of families gathered, smiling, laughing, enjoying the occasion that is Christmas. I see darling little faces, full of wonderment and surprise - pictures that would make the heart melt.

Yeah. So - here's a snippet of our Christmas. Competitiveness and screaming. You'll notice I said snippet. Cos even a 5 minute segment of video footage would have been too heinous.

But, there also comes a feeling of satisfaction with this. Cos I'm a real Scrooge. So, to know that Christmas Day was full of arguments and screaming children, makes me feel justified in my feelings toward Christmas! Hahaha.. I'm laughing, but I'm being serious.

Ok - So I can't get the video thingy to work... so here's a link instead!


Kimberley said...

hahahaha - if I said my kids have had more time out this Christmas than any other!!!!! Seriously - bring back the single life ;0)

Jill said...

More than anything-I enjoyed hearing your girls' accents. And yours of course. I also like how Rab sauntered out after the gifts were already being opened. And the free for all. Don't let the posy pics fool you. EVERYONE has THOSE moments on Christmas morning.
Thanks for sharing. Perfect way to start my morning.

Beeswax said...

hahaha. I'm sorry Hannah Montana has infected you and yours. We cancelled cable to get away from her, and so now I can't watch the food network, and so instead I cook, which leads to eating, which is making me fat. Is all Hannah's fault.(Could also be the pregnancy).

I'm glad Christmas is over. I'm pretty sure my kids are gonna need therapy after the tantrum I threw before Christmas eve, because no one would clean their rooms. I believe it ended with 'merry friggin Christmas, you lazy arses.' Don't tell anybody else about that, tho.Is a secret. And nobody videotaped it, as far as I know.

Melissa Bastow said...

I thought I was watching a video of my house (especially the screaming little one at the end) except that I realized it couldn't be because of the accents. Other than that, totally like my house on Christmas morning.

Julie said...

I loved the accents too! Our Christmas is a bit of the same really. One of my boys always wants what the other has. I suppose I will have to learn about Hanna Montana now that I have a girl. For now I think I'll avoid her!