Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unlike a good wine, THIS doesn't age well.

I've been having one of my 'panic-attacks-over-my-age' moments. And know that when I say I'm having a panic attack, I'm not really. I like to over dramatise. But also, know this – that it is a real concern for me. Mostly the times when I look in the mirror, and catch a sight of laughter lines round my eyes that won't disappear, when I'm no longer laughing. And then new lines appear when I'm crying, after looking at the ever present laughter lines. See? I'm over dramatising again. But, believe you me, I was crying on the inside. These wrinkles (there – I said it) are here to stay. And no amount of beauty product is going to get rid of them. And yes, I've tried. Believe me. I've tried.

So, this panic attack moment has been with me since the start of the week. This time, it was spurred on by my grey hairs making themselves known. I need to get my hair dyed again. Sheesh. I need a lot of upkeep in my advancing years.

But it certainly wasn't helped when Eilidh came home from school and was asking me questions for her school project – When Mum and Dad were Young. Well. The title itself is a real kick in the shins. But her line of questioning was a real stab to the heart.

“Did you have electricity when you were a girl?”

“Did you have a television when you were young?”

“Did you go to school when you were my age?”

Well. Ain't that just dandy. I tried not to take out my sheer disbelief and indignation on her. And I tried to calmly give my answers to her questions. And no, I didn't use any swear words. Not out loud, anyway. But, inside my wrinkled head, they were swirling about.

One thing they didn't have when I was young, was a 24 hour supermarket. Cos that night, a hair dye was bought. Along with a new facial wash promising me youth untold, and a chocolate bar. No – chocolate isn't an age-reversing product. It just makes the journey in to old age that much more bearable.

Yeah.  You look at those wrinkles.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A heid like a burst couch.

Yes - this is what one woman said about my daughter's hair.  And you know what?  I can't even deny it. 

I posted a pic of Esther's huge hair a wee while ago, here.  Since then, her hair has gathered more power, grown bigger, and looks set on world domination. In my mind, it's kinda like the computer thing from Superman III, that feeds off of electricity, and becomes stronger and stronger, and a force unto itself.

Here it is, as of this morning. 

And before you start calling Social Services, don't worry.  I do make an attempt to stick a clasp in it.  But to be honest, that's an animal that is born to be wild, and will never be tamed...