Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unlike a good wine, THIS doesn't age well.

I've been having one of my 'panic-attacks-over-my-age' moments. And know that when I say I'm having a panic attack, I'm not really. I like to over dramatise. But also, know this – that it is a real concern for me. Mostly the times when I look in the mirror, and catch a sight of laughter lines round my eyes that won't disappear, when I'm no longer laughing. And then new lines appear when I'm crying, after looking at the ever present laughter lines. See? I'm over dramatising again. But, believe you me, I was crying on the inside. These wrinkles (there – I said it) are here to stay. And no amount of beauty product is going to get rid of them. And yes, I've tried. Believe me. I've tried.

So, this panic attack moment has been with me since the start of the week. This time, it was spurred on by my grey hairs making themselves known. I need to get my hair dyed again. Sheesh. I need a lot of upkeep in my advancing years.

But it certainly wasn't helped when Eilidh came home from school and was asking me questions for her school project – When Mum and Dad were Young. Well. The title itself is a real kick in the shins. But her line of questioning was a real stab to the heart.

“Did you have electricity when you were a girl?”

“Did you have a television when you were young?”

“Did you go to school when you were my age?”

Well. Ain't that just dandy. I tried not to take out my sheer disbelief and indignation on her. And I tried to calmly give my answers to her questions. And no, I didn't use any swear words. Not out loud, anyway. But, inside my wrinkled head, they were swirling about.

One thing they didn't have when I was young, was a 24 hour supermarket. Cos that night, a hair dye was bought. Along with a new facial wash promising me youth untold, and a chocolate bar. No – chocolate isn't an age-reversing product. It just makes the journey in to old age that much more bearable.

Yeah.  You look at those wrinkles.


Melissa Bastow said...

You're brave to take a picture of your wrinkles. I hide mine behind some semi-emo bangs that I refuse to ever trim because I can never decide if I want to grow them out or not. (Plus, semi-emo bangs are good for hiding wrinkles.)

Kimberley said...

haha I was just having the same conversation with my kids yesterday - and you don't need to worry - it's a big one for me next year - aaargh!!! The kids were debating about whether Mummy or Daddy looked more wrinkly - Cameron very kindly said Mummy doesn't have wrinkles....and Bailey responded "Yes she has - Have you seen under her fringe - her head has lots of wrinkles!!!" lol! you got to love the frankness of kids!! xx

Pokejane said...

So my grandma got cataract surgery a couple of years ago, when she was 97. Later that day, she called my mom in a panic. "I don't know WHAT those people did to my face, stretched all the skin or something, but now I'm horribly saggy and wrinkly! I need you to take me back to the hospital, because I do NOT look like this!"

Apparently the cataracts gave her a soft focus look that took about 30 years off her face. To herself.

So now, if I get nervous about my laugh lines, I just take out my contact lenses. I look super fabulous. Another option is to get rid of any super magnifying mirrors. They were invented by the devil.

Chris and Kristy said...

Golden years-yeah whatever! Just think about all the good memories that created those laugh lines! I can think of one-horsey horsey. I love your posts.

Sarah said...

I have no idea how old you are, but you do NOT look wrinkled in the least! I have to admit that I recently started using eye cream when I noticed little lines by my eyes for the first time. It was a scary day.

Leslie said...

claire... you crack me up.

i have been feeling it lately as well. the other day, my niece asked how old i am. so i asked her how old i look. then she said 'thirty two'. the wind was taken out of my sails. i knew she knew before she even asked, so she was 'guessing' but knew already that i am a year younger than her mom.
but still, when i asked how old i LOOK... i expected her to say a younger #. most people do. so... that was the first time i have ever been told i look my age. and since i am turning 33 in two weeks... i am looking for anything to keep my youth intact.

as for you, my dear... you are beautiful. you are one of the funniest people i have ever known... so why wouldn't you have laugh lines? you are one who loves to laugh and i think laugh lines are beautiful and show how happy and joyful a person is. so... even though i don't see any laugh lines on you in that photo... anyone who spends time around you WOULD have laugh lines because you make everyone so happy.

love you girl... laugh lines and grey hairs OR NOT!