Monday, 15 March 2010

Hello, Windows Live Writer.

You appeal to my lazy side. 

Ok, to suggest I have more than one side to me is silly.  I’m lazy.  From all sides..

I’m so lazy that when I was at the gym the other night, I’d convinced myself that 15 mins on the cross trainer, then a 5 minute run would more than suffice.  After all, I had to hurry home.  We were phoning in chinese food.

When I got on the treadmill, and roughly 2 minutes in (the time where I think I’m going to cough up my right lung) i was about to slow it down to an easy amble, when my trainer walked by. 

And this weird need to please rose within me.  It’s a weird thing I have, this need to please.  Anyhoo – it took hold and made me run a little longer.  Just until she was finished talking to the person next to my treadmill.

Ok – so she talked for 20 minutes.   And I was dying a death.  But did I show her.  I showed her that I was sticking to my programme.  She’ll be so pleased with me when it’s time to go back for my ‘check –in’.

So I thought I’d go for a wee swim after.  A couple of lengths and I was ready for a warm up in the jacuzzi.  Of course, you know she came to check the pool and got talking to someone in there too.

Yes – I had to keep swimming til she was finished.  Yes, I was cursing my irrational behaviour.  And after 45 minutes, I was beginning to judge her for talking too much.

Those prawn crackers tasted so good by the time I got home…


Gina said...

I just means that next time you go workout, you can do 1/2 the work!!! Provided your trainer doesn't show up again. Doesn't your trainer ever work? :)

Chris and Kristy said...

Treadmill, crosstrainer, and swimming in one session? In my book, you are caught up for the next year!
Your writing makes me smile. You really have such a wonderful talent. Keep bringing those smiles girl!

Terresa said...

Glad you commented on my MMB post, as through that, I found your blog.

I love all things Scottish. And the Glaswegian accent is so amazing, I could listen to it all day long. Truly.

When I was there last fall, we took the subway in Glasgow to some shops down town. Very nice people all around, really. I loved Edinburgh & Braemar, too.

My brother and dad both served missions in Scotland. It is a blessed place. You are lucky.


Kimberley said...

you make me laugh so much! Anyway - we exercise to be able to eat good food - don't we??? I always used to grab a choccy bar on the way home from the gym.....MMmm!! maybe that's where my problem lies - I don't exercise anymore but I still eat all the choc!!

Sara said...

okay, i totally tried to leave you a comment this morning and then my internet went down, and then my two year old threw a tantrum, and then the t.v. sucked me in, and then i ate a can of olives...

looks like we're fighting the same "getting in shape" demons, except i can only run for three minutes straight and i don't have a trainer guilting me into submission... just the jiggle happening around my entire atmosphere... oh, and don't worry, yesterday my daughter helped me hang a mirror in front of the treadmill so now not only do i feel the jiggle, but i get to watch it too, how's that for motivation!!

i've been meaning to update my blog list for some time now (between the diaper changing and cans of olives) and your name is at the top... i love your sassy sense of humor... you are my people:)

Cammie said...

I love this post! You crack me up--this is so funny. Sometimes we just need a little audience to find out for ourselves how hardcore we are. . .and that was so fun to see your guest post!

Sarah loves it all said...

Dear Claire,

Thank you for creating an amazing mental image for me and lifting a rather mundane day.