Thursday, 25 March 2010


The Egg is now at nursery.  I now have 2 hours every afternoon to myself.

Though, in my first half hour of freedom, I have found myself ‘celebrating’ by watching an episode of Dynasty.  Just cos it’s not Waybuloo or In the Night Garden.  But then I got sidetracked playing on Facebook and when I looked up at the tv again, there was some shot with an old guy, with what seemed like a really bad hair piece, kissing this haggard looking woman.  Open mouthed, dirty kiss.  I thought he had lock jaw.  I actually felt sick.  Turned out it wasn’t Dynasty anymore, but some show called Roses are for the Rich.

Maybe I’m not so good on my own.

Meh…. who am I kidding!??!?!  Yeehhaaaa, baby!  All the things I can do!!

Well – right now I’ll put away laundry and I may even put my ipod on. 

Yeah.  I know how to live.

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Melissa Bastow said...

There are some days that I watch Hulu for two hours straight while my kids are napping and at school. Just because I can. (it's just too bad there never seems to be enough of those days....)