Thursday, 29 April 2010

Yeah – so I’ve been AWOL. Again.


But I reserve the right to do so.  I’ll be honest. 

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered. 

Sometimes I like to play with my friends on Facebook.  There’s a group of us that email back and forth and sometimes, they are just too funny, endearing, entertaining, loving and rude to ignore. 

Sometimes I don’t post cos I feel like I’m being rebellious.  (Don’t try and get inside my head… I can’t figure me out..)

But this time, I was busy!  I’d been looking at Sarah’s blog and LOVING all her cute ideas and crafty (actual crafty, not sneaky) ways.  She inspired me to get pictures on walls, look at things in second hand stores, and generally just to make things prettier.

*Disclaimer*  I am in NO way suggesting that my stuff’s as good as Sarah’s…  Cos really, it ain’t.  I’m not even going to be posting pics..  I just don’t want you all to come to visit, expecting a home full of beautiful crafty things, with beautiful details and then being disappointed when you find… nuffin’.  Look – I’ve at least got a picture on my wee family on the wall.  What more do you want?


Anyway.  Other than painting light shades, drilling holes for display shelves, hammering nails for pictures, my life’s been pretty uneventful.  Nothing blog worthy at all.  I’ll bullet point a couple of things that I reckon are at least worth a sort of mention..

*My two younger girls are both in nursery in the afternoon now.  One day, I had a tummy bug (see?  You really don’t want a blog post on me camping out on the loo) and all I needed was my bed.  i got to go for a half hour nap.  In my bed.  During the day. It was magic.  Truly.  I’d take another week of the trots to make me feel validated in taking another midday nap..

*I’m still going to the gym.  But what really startles me, is how many women get dressed wearing NO PANTS (underwear pants..).  Am I the only one?!  Isn’t that uncomfortable!?  I asked Robbie about this one night, after coming home from the Changing Room that Underwear Forgot.  He told me that he never used to wear underwear when he was younger.  He’d just sling on his jeans and go.  My overactive imagination left me thinking about the pencil case I had in primary4.  It was a furry one, and the zip kept getting stuck in all the fur….

*I’m going for a lip and chin wax on Saturday morning.  (See the train of thought there?  And the very real lack of exciting things to tell you about?)

*I want to start running again.  I was running around 10 miles this time last year.  Unfortunately, cakes found me.  It’s the most evil pursuit ever.  But I feel the need to be able to conquer it.  Meh… cakes are so good though…

*I turn 34 at the end of May.  I feel quite, quite sick.  Turning 30 was hellish.  Now, I’m slapping on the anti-aging creams and lotions, trying to reverse the signs of aging, but disappointed that they can’t actually stop the clock on my age.  34.  Sick and wrong.  Maybe I’ll wear a black armband that day, as a sign of my mourning for youth gone and beauty going…

So, there.  That’s it.  Now, I must see to the crying baby (she’s 2,  But as the youngest, she will always be the baby.)

And how are all of you?


Jill said...

When you comment on my blog, I always get excited because there is a small stitch of hope that you have posted something. And indeed you did. You gave me a good laugh.

I love your honesty. And wit.
And when exactly were you going to spill the crafting beans? Been keeping that one in the bag, eh?

(But really-thanks for the mini nameless shout out. I totally agree.)

Beeswax said...

changing room that underwear forgot. Hilarious.

I've always worn my underpants. I mean, why not?

Tina said...

I love you my Scottish friend. You are absolutely hilarious. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's always good to see your comment.


Sarah loves it all said...

I am beside myself excited that my name appeared in your post. You're fabulous Claire. I LOVE getting comments from you, and I LOVE reading your blog. You are so dang funny, and real. I hope someday we meet. Maybe in heaven.

Melissa Bastow said...

That no underwear thing really grosses me out. eeeeew. Now I'm having all sorts of mental pictures that really shouldn't be happening. A whole locker room of free-cheeked "I just worked out, and now I'm all stinky" women? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW.