Wednesday, 12 May 2010

General musings in my scatter brain

  • If I had three boys instead of three girls, I could shave off at least 15 minutes from my morning routine.  Or maybe just shave off their hair.
  • I have sore ankles and am wearing ankle supports.  (Running with a big booty takes it’s toll.)  I’m now wondering if I were to strap them round my feet, if I could make them a smaller size.  Like chinese foot binding.  I could get in to so many cute styles if I had smaller feet.  I’m a size 8 (uk).  Have you seen what’s on offer for size 8’s?  Aside from the ones with the built up soles?  Nasty.
  • People add me to their facebook pages, even though they don’t know who I am, nor me, them.  Strange.  I’m a rubbish friend to the people I DO know.  So don’t make me try and be friends with someone that I have a tenuous link with.  My lousiness can only be stretched so far.
  • I have too many appliances in my house that have broken within the last couple of weeks.  These include, but not limited to (knowing my luck) , my oven, tumble dryer, shower screen and now my washing machine.  I think this is where the term ‘The Total Shaft’, comes in.  I’d like to find the person that made up the saying about things happening in threes, and slap them.  Cos that’s at least 4.  I won’t bore you with all the other little things that are wrong. 
  • Am also now considering becoming really friendly with someone that plays the lottery, so that when they win the Euro Millions, they’ll feel inclined to give me a substantial share in their winnings.  Let me know if you’d like to be this special friend.  I’ll even add you on facebook.
  • I can’t find my eyebrow tweezers.  This means trouble.  Cos I’m spiky.
  • I do LOVE diet Pepsi.  I drink it like you see men drink whiskey in films.  You know, they take a swig and then curl their top lip above their top teeth and take a sharp intake of breath.  This move is also used when trying to tough out pain.  Like when I fell in the bath the other day and fell on a Peppa Pig figurine and smashed it in to my knee. 
  • I’m secretly laughing at everyone that has had their travel plans upset because of the volcano in Iceland.  (Who knew that Iceland had more to offer than just Lazytown?)  I’m only laughing, cos I’m jealous that they had at least the hope of going on holiday.


Umm… yeah.  Think that’s it.  I won’t bore you with anything else rattling around in there.  Just now…


Shelane said...

Personally, I'm in the midst of planning my imaginary holiday.

While I'm pretty sure we won't actually make it on account of the unemployed husband, I'm finding the planning and anticipation vital to my sanity. If I had nothing to look forward to I think I might lay down and cry, so imaginary-holiday-that-might-possibly-but-probably-wont-happen it is.

in time out said...

i like this! rattlings...or thoughtful ramblings. I LIKE them.

Facebook. HA. Half the time I feel like I am one of those HIDDEN friends. REMOVE!!!

Just a number...LOL

Happy Weekend!

Sarah loves it all said...

I get those weirdos on FB too. Although, now I'm thinking about adding you. :) I'm positive I would enjoy your updates

Sara said...

am i one of those weirdo facebook friends?:) couldn't find my tweezers either... poor people that have to look at my face. and iceland does have bjork and sigur ros in their repertoire too... speaking of sigur ros, you must check out the jonsi single "go do"- it's pretty rad. and on another subject, i'm feelin a little silly now realizing you were talking about a different fabulous sara on facebook after reading your earlier post... oops. at least my self esteem was boosted briefly on that nice day long ago;)

Heidi said...

Claire. Your life is so awesome. Trade? Straight across? Because I have THREE boys and I would gladly trade an extra fifteen minutes each morning for the CRAZY energy they have every day.