Sunday, 13 June 2010

Conversations I’m not prepared for.


I just went to turn off the girls' light. Eilidh looked at my nightie (yes - it's 7.45pm and I'm in my nightwear... what!?) and said,

"I like your nightie"


"Do you wear it in bed?"

"Yes, to keep me cosy"

"Well, what does Daddy wear?"

"Dunno - a pair of pyjamas"

"Well, I hope he's not naked, cos you wouldn't want to touch his penis"

"Er... no - I wouldn't want to do that".


Seriously - what the…?


Beeswax said...

Ah hahahahaha

Summers Family said...


Melissa Bastow said...

Can you even say "penis" in an almost all girl family? I didn't know that was allowed. I grew up with 2 sisters and I was pretty sure "penis" was a swear word. But then again, I also thought "sexy" was a swear word too.

Tina said...


I absolutely love you. Way too funny story! I can definitely see that conversation taking place in my house.


Julie said...

Funny! I avoid all such topics with my kids. I'm making it my husbands job.

Cammie said...

So funny! I just read it to Charla too!

Sarah loves it all said...

oh my. Just laughed out loud at my desk at work.