Friday, 16 July 2010


Why do shopping centres insist on playing their own cover versions of current songs?

Why when I go for a lip and chin wax, do I have to trade a moustache of hair, for a moustache of pimples?

Why do I love bacon flavoured Frazzles so much?

Why can't I give up Diet Pepsi? 

Why don't I really want to give up Diet Pepsi?

Why does Diet Pepsi taste so good?

Why does Pepsi Max taste so rank?

Why am I craving a Diet Pepsi right now?

Why have I run out of Diet Pepsi?

Why can't I convince my husband to go get me some Diet Pepsi from the shop?

Why do I need to wear two bras to control The Ladies?

Why do I always look forward to the weekend?

Why do the weekends never live up to the hype?

Why do I fear for the future of Miley Cyrus?

Why do I care about Miley Cyrus?

Why do I stay up late at night when I've been dying to get to my bed all day long?

Why were Kermit and Miss Piggy together?  She was horrible.

Why do I worry that I am Miss Piggy?

Why do I have so many questions?


Jill said...

Why do I love you so much?

Oh, because you're fabulous, that's why.
And I had no idea you love Diet Pepsi as much as I love Diet Coke.

Sigh. We are indeed soul sisters.

Melissa Bastow said...

I never liked Miss Piggy either. Especially when she had a nasty 80's perm.

And I can't even call mine "girls" these days. I have to refer to them as "the old saggy bags."

Cammie said...

Why do I stay up late at night when I've been dying to get to my bed all day long?

The above is my big problem too! Maybe it's the excitement of getting the kids to sleep that gives me a burst of energy. . .

I have a confession. One of my hidden talents is that I can talk like miss piggy. I guess I should say "yell" like her. lol. . .OK, I just tried to talk like her and I'm not as good at it as I thought I was but my sister did know who I was talking like. So, I'll scratch that at my talent list. . .

Why do I get that Mickey Mouse Club House song stuck in my head? "Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog." And why do I try to do Goofy's dance move?