Sunday, 1 August 2010

It'll fall on deaf ears.

So, if you were thinking about calling Social Services on my ass cos of this morning's breakfast shenanigans, then think again.

The kids WANTED to eat dry Weetabix (not even the chocolate chip ones).

They call it Wickerbix out of their own choice (no, I've not made them watch the Wicker Man.   I'm distressed enough remembering sitting on a wicker chair when I was younger and getting all scratched from it.)

They asked for water.  It's not that I didn't offer them diluting juice, cos I did.  Honest.  They just chose water.

They started coughing and spluttering from trying to chow down on the dry Weetabix and decided they didn't like water after all, so didn't have a drink to wash it all down with.  There were tears and shouts of "I told you so's".

But, if after hearing all of the evidence, you still want to call Social Services cos I don't offer my kids a decent, healthy, moist breakfast, then call them.  My case number is 24601.  In fact, if I get a 5 more calls, I'll get a free t-shirt.

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Tina said...

You honestly have a gift for words. You are absolutely hilarious. Let me know when you get that free t-shirt. Do you think I could get a free t-shirt for letting my kidlets eat Fudge Striped Cookies for breakfast?