Monday, 30 August 2010


I've always been intrigued/fascinated/utterly bemused by the warbling antics of Mariah Carey and the likes.  The hand action.  The facial contortions.  The crazy pointing.  The jaw spasms.  The inability to choose a note and stick with it.

Not being a singer myself, I've often wondered if these are an integral part of sounding good.  Mariah's a great singer - she does the aforementioned 'tricks'.  Christina Aguilera is a great singer.  She's also known to have these flourishes.  (She could do with a good bath.  Dirrrrty, as in, pass the soap.  Eeeuuww..)

So, to kind of illustrate my point, here's a great song for you all to listen to.  And for those au fait with the most recent Body Pump tracks, this is used for the cool down.  I really do love this song, even though I didn't know who these people were, til I googled them.  Now, all I know is their names :)

Now.  If you were a young couple that were so desperately in love, that you had to take time out of your recording studio and photo shoot to meet up in a forest, (that I think looks like where MJ and his beau were walking through.  But the again, I suppose all forests look the same, right?) to sing to each other... WHY would you implement the flourishes at that point?  Look at the video, around about 2.52.

The guy, Guy (... hehe) looks like the wicked witch of the west, just after she's had the bucket of water thrown over her.  A total contortion.  In fact, if he were my boyfriend, singing to me like that, I'd have to resist the urge of putting him in the recovery position.  Having said that, the broad - Jordin ain't that much better.

Meh.  Who am I to comment?  I like Michael Bolton.  And Chicago.  And anyone else of that ilk.

MMmmmmm  Peter Cetera in a forest.....


Cammie said...

I got a message when I clicked on the link that I can't view it in my country! Grrr. From your comments I know I'm missing out!

Julie said...

I totally agree! I'm NOT a Mariah Carey fan!

Leslie said...

hahaha. i need to come to your blog daily to get a daily dose of gut wrenching laughter. i LOVE reading what you write about. you are the best. thanks for the laugh claire.

p.s. jordin sparks was the winner of american idol one year. the other guy... who even knows?