Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Go Campbell, go Campbell...

"Hey!  Whatcha doin' today?"

"Hey, big sister!  We're going out!"

"Hey - where's Ly-eesha?"

"She not going anywhere cos she's got no clothes."

"But she's only a baby."

"Yeah, girl!  She can wear high heels!

My girls are aged 7 and under. They are Scottish. Yet, them playing a game of Bratz, leaves me confused and slightly disturbed.

  • Calling each other by their family relation.
  • Having people called Ly-eesha.
  • Going around with hardly any clothes, if at all.
  • Calling each other 'girl'.
  • Allowing infants to wear high heels.

Where have they learned these things?!  It sound like they've secretly been watching Rikki Lake, or Jerry Springer.  I'm now waiting for the paternity tests to be announced.  Ly-eesha should be quaking in her high heels.

Friday, 15 October 2010

No more pulses and cabbage for this family.

Robbie demonstrated the 'pull my finger' gag, to the girls today.  It went down a storm - they think it's hysterical.

Of course, for the record - I thoroughly disapprove.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rob 1, Girls, 0

In the car, listening to Rob's recent cd purchase - American Anthems.  Again.  Even though there's three cd's, the songs have grown OLD.  Especially Michael Sembello's Maniac.

Hannah (4 years old):  I don't like this song.

Robbie (33 years old):  It doesn't like you.


Saturday, 2 October 2010


The girls were watching Snow White  this morning.  When she started singing down the wishing well, I got emotional and started crying.  Pfft.  Clearly the monthlies are on their way.  Cos I’m not usually this soft and sentimental.

Anyway.  Just as Snow White is warbling in the well, the handsome prince hears her and starts joining in the singing.  She runs off, pretending to be coy. And the prince continues to serenade her by singing the rest of the lyrics of her song.

I told the girls that their Daddy sings to their Mummy like that, cos he’s my Prince Charming.  They ALL laughed.  Reasons they didn’t think I had a convincing argument?

1. Daddy doesn’t have a cape like the Prince.

2. Daddy can’t sing.

3. I don’t have a well.


Don’t worry, Rob.  If you’re reading this, you are my Prince Charming.  I can tell from the way you ‘sing’  The Smiths/Morrissey songs to me.  Nothing says ‘love’, like Girlfriend in a Coma and You’re the One for me, Fatty.