Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Go Campbell, go Campbell...

"Hey!  Whatcha doin' today?"

"Hey, big sister!  We're going out!"

"Hey - where's Ly-eesha?"

"She not going anywhere cos she's got no clothes."

"But she's only a baby."

"Yeah, girl!  She can wear high heels!

My girls are aged 7 and under. They are Scottish. Yet, them playing a game of Bratz, leaves me confused and slightly disturbed.

  • Calling each other by their family relation.
  • Having people called Ly-eesha.
  • Going around with hardly any clothes, if at all.
  • Calling each other 'girl'.
  • Allowing infants to wear high heels.

Where have they learned these things?!  It sound like they've secretly been watching Rikki Lake, or Jerry Springer.  I'm now waiting for the paternity tests to be announced.  Ly-eesha should be quaking in her high heels.


Cammie said...

So funny. I love your girls. When Soren plays it makes me laugh and smile to hear the things he comes up with. I just read an article about the importance of creative play and how it allows children to express things and say things they wouldn't normally say in real life. Hurray for creative play!

I use to try to video Soren when he was in his own little world of elaborate conversations with little toys. He'd realize I was there and then get annoyed...but I just think it's so awesome what kids come up with.

I love your posts.

Leslie said...


loved that.

Cammie said...

Ummmm Dahlia has been playing with the Barbies at her Grandmas house. . .she's not even two!! I played with them when I was a little girl as well and part of me thinks it is really cute that she likes to dress them . . .and like you said it can also be disturbing. There is a American Idol Barbie that has this microphone that sings "oops I did it again, I played with your heart. . . oh baby baby.. .I'm not that innocent." Soren and Dahlia both like to sing along (and I have to admit I had fun singing with them too). But Seriously, what kind of song is that for kids?

I remember doing paper for school about harmful images for girls. . .negative images are everywhere!

And Glasgow Ward is split? Was is a surprise? I hope you like your ward! xo

Julie said...

That cracks me up! My boys tell me phrases all the time that I know I've never said. It provides for some great entertainment!