Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rob 1, Girls, 0

In the car, listening to Rob's recent cd purchase - American Anthems.  Again.  Even though there's three cd's, the songs have grown OLD.  Especially Michael Sembello's Maniac.

Hannah (4 years old):  I don't like this song.

Robbie (33 years old):  It doesn't like you.



Jill said...

Just completely laughed outloud.

That is SUCH a Robbie Comment to make. I lurve it. yes, I said lurve.


Leslie said...

that was funny. that is totally something my family would say.

'well, it doesn't like you'.

love that.

Melissa Bastow said...

Can I use that comeback on my own kids? He doesn't have it pattented or anything, does he? (And honestly, did it actually work? Because I'm seeing low success rates in my future...I'm still going to use it though.)

Kimberley said...

I would so say that - I got that album for my birthday this year - love it!!! I'm an 80's girl at heart ;0)

Cammie said...

So funny! Soren just heard my laughing and said, "what? What?!"--Hilarious!