Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More like Kim and Rabbie, than Kim and Aggie…


Apart from being HOT and with the nicest legs I’ve seen on a boy, Robbie has some other talents.  (Yes – having nice legs is a talent.  And he shouldn’t really hide his talents under a bushel, or in this specific case, trousers.)

He’s good at knowing when songs were released, who sang them and what he was doing at the time of their release.  It’s infuriating.

He’s good at persuasion.  I try to resist his persuasive arguments on any given subject, but end up realising (being duped?) he’s right.  Most of the time.  Being female, I reserve the right to think that I’m right all the time. 

He’s very good at providing the better side of his gene pool (I say better side, cos thankfully my kids haven’t been cursed with bad eyesight or a love/obsession with football.. or any other sports for that matter).  I have cute kids which I suppose I have to give him 50% credit for.  So, well done to him for that.  I guess it must have been very tricky for him to do.

But this other talent shines above the rest right now.  I even took photographic evidence…




When Robbie cleans, he really CLEANS.  I love it! 

Look in the first photograph at the placing of the shampoo bottles.  Arranged by height and colour.  Taller ones at the back, green ones on the left..  Nice touch.

Look at the second picture.  The girls’ bubble baths and shower gels are lined up and faced up.  (A little retail term for ya there – where all the labels are facing out the way. Winking smile)

Even Makka Pakka is perched in the corner in such a way so that he can survey the whole bathroom (that Rob had cleaned from top to bottom).

All I need now is to try and convince him to clean the bathroom while wearing shorts..

Monday, 24 January 2011