Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mouth like ...

  1. a set of pan pipes.
  2. an xylophone with woodworm
  3. a tramp's harmonica
  4. a burnt down fence
  5. a row of condemned houses
  6. granola crumbs
  7. toasted almonds
This list could go on (feel free to add your own description in the comments).

I have been to the dentist a couple of times in the last couple of months.  I've had two wisdom teeth removed that left me looking like the Elephant Man for a couple of days.  I'm due to go for a filling in the next couple of weeks.  And with all this work, why am I still a poster girl for British Teeth?  Now you may read over my list again and know that I'm referring to my teeth.  

I suppose it's not THAT bad.  But my face certainly feels like it's been used as an apprentice welder's bench of late and I don't look anything like an 'after shot' of someone who has had dental work done.

In other news, I enrolled the Egg for school.  She will start in the middle of August.  I'm excited for her to start school - she's so ready for it.  And I've looked forward to the next phase in my life where all the kids will be at school.

And yet..

I can't believe that time is nearly here.  And I'm surprised that I'm feeling quite emotional about it.  I think it's a lot to do with the fact that this is a new chapter in not only Esther's life, but mine too.  No more kids at home.  And I won't deny that it will be great to allow me to work on my fledgling business, but it also means that for 6 hours a day, five days a week, I won't be needed in my capacity as 'Mum' anymore.  And that almost panics me.  Because that's how I'm defined.  And i know I still am... but... Pfft.  Yanno.  Perhaps I need to hire an interpreter to decipher my thoughts and feelings and type them out for me.  They would only need to work a 10 minute shift.

In the meantime, as i try to gather my own thoughts on this unfolding experience, I suggest you go brush your teeth and floss, lest you find yourself having to type out a blog post on how your teeth resemble a mouth full of gravel.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I guess this means I'm fickle.

I'm so sad for my blog.  I have completely and utterly abandoned it.  And I'm gutted that I have.  I read over some of my ridiculous posts and feel sad that my girls are growing up and no longer resemble the descriptions in my posts.  I feel like I have mellowed somewhat and perhaps don't have that much to say.  Though i loved having an outlet for all my inane chat.

I don't want to make a promise to myself that I will carry on writing posts, because I can't even keep promises that I make to myself.  But... we shall see.

Meanwhile, here's a recent picture of my beautiful girls, just to show that they are growing up!